Without title (Metro) Installation, 2021

As an abstraction of industrial transport this installation expresses the organic rhythm of cities by capturing the endless movements in loops of subway trains and the lights they project on tunnels and rails. The installation can be seen as a metaphor of our lives, of the ongoing monotonous rhythm of our working days that unavoidable shapes our lives and surroundings in an endless loop.

Installation 'Without title (Metro)' from the Timeshells project, music by Machinefabriek sounddesign by Adriaan Lokman

The arrival and departure of subway trains in ± 40 subway stations, in Europe and South Korea were filmed and synchronized at the opening and closing of their doors and then assembled as a ‘new’ train. These tracks were animated like snakes before they were video-mapped on the curves of a composition of wooden toy-rails.


Sequence of photos from 'Without title (Metro)'


Wooden toy rails glued on a wooden surface. The total structure is sprayed with a mat white acrylic paint.
Dimensions: 232 cm x 100 cm  x 20 cm
Projection: 4K video projector.