Strike Installation, 2020

Strike is inspired by the growing feeling of threat and distrust that prevails in modern society. The man is alone in a big space where a big ball has thrown over a lot of chairs. Is everyone gone, or was the man there alone? Does he feel threatened, or is he too deeply self-involved to feel anything?  Was he the first, or the last? Is this a frozen moment or will the ball roll further? Or did it stop behind the man and he was the lucky one? Was it a coincidence that the ball rolled in his direction or something more malicious?

The animation in Strike adds a time dimension: light emerges; the day passes, the evening falls into an endless, hypnotic repetition. The passing light makes it unclear whether the situation is frozen or can progress.

Installation 'Strike' from the Timeshells project.


Strike is made up of 192 chairs, a sphere and a man printed in 3D in polylactic acid and attached to a door cut with a chainsaw.The whole is painted with matt white acrylic paint.
Dimensions: 90 cm x 150 cm x 12 cm
Projection: 4K video projector