Adriaan Lokman, is creator of time based, linear, interactive and cross-media projects.

Flow VR and Timeshells are his most recent projects. Timeshells took off as a street-art inspired experiment in which virtual worlds are brought to live by micro mapped video projection on 3d printed objects. It evolved into a series of 10 cross-media installations. Timeshells is still expending.

Installation 'Pharmacity' from the Timeshells project, music by Machinefabriek

In his 'space' Adriaan investigates the boundaries between abstraction and reality, with the ongoing desire to involve the viewer. He plays with codes, signs and icons of our time and brings them to life with an orchestration of lights and shadows, camera movements and musical compositions to create rhythm and take spectators into his virtual worlds. 

Installation 'Hello Welcome'

Decors and characters, observations of often repetitive day-to-day routines, reduced to minimal, often geometrically ordered shapes, are at the limit of the recognizable. While they are digital creations, they are also organic. The experimental nature of his work is the result of a long and intense production process, a natural consequence of a search for balance between abstraction and significance, culminating in projects that stimulate the imagination.

Adriaan Lokman



Installation 'Without title (Metro)'


Flow, a turbulent day, driven by air

After graduating at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam Lokman lived and worked in Rotterdam where his career evolves from commissioned work, that allowed him to experiment with a broad variety of techniques and concepts, from airbrush illustrations to laser shows, to the creation of his own independent projects.


still from the short movie Barcode

In 2002 his first independent short film Barcode was awarded the Grand Prix d’Annecy. More awards followed and this success inspired him to close down the commercial production studio, move to France and focus completely on independent artistic projects.

Installation 'Eggclipse'